It’s difficult to avoid cliché when talking about the pandemic that has caused so much harm in the UK and across the world. Words and phrases such as “unprecedented” and “the new normal” are all over the place, and conversations on the subject often end up treading the same old ground. 

There’s a reason for this, of course; it’s all true. This is an unprecedented situation, both for society and for business. There is a new normal to be adjusted to. 

A Silver Lining in the Solid Conservatory Roof Sector

In some industries, however, the picture is a little more complex. In the replacement conservatory roof sector, for example, innovative business owners have found that growth is possible, even in these dark times. As a result, they are helping to drive communities towards economic recovery.

One of the factors behind this is another well-used phrase: lockdown. If you’d mentioned the possibility, back in 2019, that the government would impose restrictions on movement, trade, socialising, and all manner of other things, you’d probably have received a strange look at the very least. But this is exactly what 2020 brought us.

As a result, working from home became par for the course for many people, as did exercising at home, and just generally spending more time indoors. With this shift in focus, many people began to think about how they could improve the spaces they called home and add more scope and potential to their properties.

Customers Are Looking to Invest in Their Homes This Year

This meant home offices, home gyms, home bars, and a wide variety of other home improvement projects. Home owners suddenly found themselves with more time on their hands – time to consider plans and projects that had long been placed on the backburner. Suddenly, consumer home improvement spend was increasing.

It is estimated that Brits will spend 47 million on home improvement projects and transformations during 2021. Over half of those surveyed – 59% in total – said that they planned to make some kind of improvement to their home over the next 12 months, with the average spend coming in at around £6,531 per household. This demonstrates the high value that we Brits place on our homes. And the fact that we are willing to spend money on perfecting our spaces is in stark contrast to the frugality and caution experienced in other sectors.

Of course, much of this investment is going to be focused on decorating or on buying new furniture. However, a significant proportion of people (43%) plan to spend money on upgrading their outdoor spaces. Further, 18% are looking to extend their property, and 14% are considering building a work hub. 

The Solid Conservatory Roof Solution

Solid conservatory roofs represent the ideal option for those looking to achieve more flexibility in their home. These solutions are superior to traditional extensions in that they require only minimal installation work, which means little disruption at the property. They also use less materials during installation than an extension would, making them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice, while swift installation makes them attractive to homeowners.

Upgrading a conservatory roof to a solid version is also unlikely to cause any issues for home owners. A solid roof adds less than 10% weight to the structure, which eliminates the need for additional reinforcement work. The project leaves the home owner with a conservatory space that is far more effective, protecting them from extremes of hot and cold, and from the worst of the weather all year around.

Reach Out to the NECS Team to Find Out More About a Conservatory Roof Solution

It seems that increasing numbers of home owners are tuning in to the benefits of a solid conservatory roof solution. This is helping to drive recovery, and even growth, in the sector. Reach out to our team today to learn more. 

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