Summers in the UK are predicted to reach an astonishing 40 °C (104 °F) one day. As such, legislation is being brought in that mean the installation of conservatories – as part of any newly built home – will need to show they do not create excessive solar gain. Fortunately, NECS Roof Systems is well ahead of the curve. We’ve been manufacturing eco-friendly and legislative-compliant conservatory roofing for years.

As part of an overriding goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent, this most recent legislation also has additional provisions devoted to improving interior ventilation. Window sizes are also affected should their placement lead to overheating the interior of the home. So, does this new legislation threaten the future of conservatories? Not necessarily.

Whilst conservatories have long been sought after for their increased floor space and ability to allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors, they would easily overheat and become unbearable under these increasing temperatures. However, that would only be the case for conservatory roof manufacturers who have yet to adjust their roofing designs to the reality of climate change.

Fortunately, NECS Roof Systems is a forward-thinking conservatory roof manufacturer whose existing roofing solutions already account for this all-important legislative requirement. Ultimately, future-proofing homes against the effects of climate change – whilst providing improved energy efficiency – has long been a goal of the NECS Roof Systems engineering team. So, as a conservatory roof installer, what can you expect from your NECS Roof Systems partner?

Thermally Efficient Guardian Roofs

Guardian™ Roofs are the ideal conservatory roofing solution for new builds or refurbishments. Ours is a high-performance and structurally sound roof that has undergone extensive testing and is Local Authority Building Control (LABC) approved. Its lightweight frame is complemented by two layers of rigid insulation boards, insulated plasterboard, a vapour membrane, and exterior grade plywood. This all-important combination makes our Guardian Roofs compliant with well-established building regulations, ones that require conservatoires to be thermally insulated to a maximum U-value of 0.18 W/m²K.

Regardless of whether you’re installing a Victorian, Edwardian, P-Shaped, Gable-Enabled or Bespoke conservatory, you and your customer can relax knowing that Guardian Roofs have optimised thermal efficiency. This ensures perfect comfort regardless of the season, which means Guardian Roofs can be used as an extra living space year-round.

Our roofs are the ideal solution for occupants who want to remain cool in the summer and warm in winter. Your customers will have peace of mind knowing they can enjoy their conservatory regardless of the weather. These tailor-made roofs are pre-assembled to your customer’s specific requirements. Each stage of production is photographed for future reference. All insulation, wood, and tiles are precut so that you don’t waste time once everything arrives at your job site. Your customers will also be comforted knowing that our 10-year guarantee kicks in upon installation.

A Customer-Centric Team

As a conservatory roof installer, your success depends upon the suppliers and partners you choose to work with. You need a partner who will be with you throughout the entire installation process. We’ll answer any questions and immediately resolve problems should they arise. The NECS Roof Systems team is a customer-centric conservatory roof manufacturer. We’ve been staying one step ahead of the competition since our inception in 2007.

As the preeminent market expert, we engineer conservatory roofs with future building legislation in mind. Our team includes a staff of highly trained engineers and technicians. All have attained the highest Guardian UK standards and either have or are working towards their NVQ qualifications.

Don’t allow this recently announced eco-friendly legislation to impact your next conservatory installation. NECS Roof Systems has the answer and stands ready to help your next installation every step of the way.

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