It is estimated that half of the workforce in the United Kingdom will be working from home. There are a number of UK workers that run businesses from home and this creates a need for office space in the home. If you find yourself working from home part-time or full time then you may have been working on your dining room table for a while, but working from home is here to stay, so you will need to find a more permanent solution. 

A home office needs to be peaceful, practical, and professional, meaning there aren’t too many distractions. You need a room that does everything and doesn’t require you to give up a room in your home, the perfect room for this is the conservatory. 

Conservatories can be converted into any room you can think of from a gorgeous dining room, a stunning kitchen extension and now you can even transform it into an at-home office. Here are some of our top tips for turning your conservatory into a home office: 


Multi-Purpose Space

A Conservatory offers considerable amounts of floor space without worry over applying for planning permission. If you need space at home, then you should seriously consider converting your conservatory not just into an office, but a multi-purpose space that you can use in the evening and the daytime. 


Natural Lighting 

Natural lighting is one of the biggest benefits of a conservatory, solid roofs have a huge range of Velux windows that you can choose from. You do, however, need to ensure that you can control this light, especially if you are working on screens. 

Blinds will help you to control the light through the windows, roof insulation can control the light through the roof, and lamps will ensure that you can enjoy ambient lighting in the evening. You can choose a huge range of styles and designs to suit your exciting home decor. 


Electrical Sockets & WIFI

If you’re working at a computer all day, then electricity and WIFI are two of the most important additions that you’re going to need in your conservatory. When planning your office space you need to look at how many sockets are already available and then think again about how many you will need and if they are in the right place. If you do find yourself having issues with the internet you can also install WIFI extenders that can be used to make sure that the conservatory space has a fast internet connection. 


Keep It Secure 

Using the conservatory as office space will mean that you will have a lot of equipment on display. You should consider investing in double or triple glazed windows, installing locks, and hiding any expensive gadgets behind blinds. These are all amazing measures to keep your equipment safe. 


Sun Damage

As mentioned above, controlling the light in the room is extremely important. Glare from the sun will slowly fade your furniture over time and most of the time you won’t notice until it is too late. Having a conservatory with a solid roof is the perfect way to combat this as it will avoid any furniture being damaged. 


Temperature Control 

A solid conservatory roof will help to control the temperature in a room. You may have noticed that your conservatory is too cold in the winter and way too hot in the summer. A solid Guardian conservatory roof will help to keep the roof at the right temperature all year around. 


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