Conservatory Roofs

NECS Roof Systems provides the industry with a wide range of conservatory roofs, built to the highest specification with a comprehensive portfolio of roof styles.

Based in Blaydon, Tyne & Wear, NECS Roof Systems have a reputation for excellence, providing bespoke conservatory roof fabrication since 2007.

All of our staff are fully skilled so you can be confident in the highest standard of workmanship and manufacturing processes.

Our Partners

We work with some of the leading brands in conservatory roof options, ranging from fully glazed options to solid replacement roof systems. We provide optional extras such as skylights and roof lanterns so you can offer your customers tailored solutions that meet their needs.

Warm Roof 

Guardian Warm Roof is one of very few LABC registered systems and the first of its kind to be registered with LABC.

A key aspect is the superior build quality and enhanced thermal qualities enjoyed with a Guardian Warm Roof and installers can rest assured that we have fully tested and approved to all thermal and structural standards.

The Guardian Warm Roof can be installed in just a few days and offers a range of roof tile and slate options to choose from.


Liniar’s patented designs were built with the installer in mind – so its windows, doors and Liniar roofs are simple to fit, saving you precious time on the job.

All Liniar products undergo extensive testing and checks, achieving PAS24:2012 Enhanced Security Performance and cyclic tested for durability. Liniar’s patented double-action bubble gasket means a continuous seal around the windows, even in the corners – so no call-backs to deal with draughts.

With a range of thresholds, including Liniar’s patented low-access threshold, together with a choice of security options, your customers will be spoilt for choice.

Energy Efficiency

Our conservatory roofs are fully energy efficient achieving a maximum U value of 0.18 W/m2K. This enables a conservatory to be used as an extra living space all-year round. Keeping it cool in the summer and warm in winter. Our conservatory roofs are also fully approved by the LABC Local Authority Building Control and fully guaranteed.

Thermal Regulations

To comply with part L of the building regulations 2010, all roofs to rooms (except those in unheated buildings) should be thermally insulated to a maximum U-value of 0.18 W/m²K.

The building as a whole must be structurally sound. Any alterations that affect the original structure must be carefully considered. The foundations must be checked to ensure their suitability for an increased loading. The conservatory window framework must be assessed also and the new roof structure must be proven to be structurally sound.

Building Regulations

Only since October 2010, has it been officially possible to put a solid roof onto a conservatory or porch. In August 2013 the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) released a circular containing some basic guidelines relating to Building Regulation Legislation which apply to the replacement of a translucent roof (made from glass or polycarbonate) onto a conservatory or porch with a solid roof.

Our conservatory roofs are strong, with a lightweight tiled roof and fully approved by the Local Authority Building Control.

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